About eShopWorld

Sell Global. Feel Local.

About eShopWorld

Sell Global. Feel Local.

It pays to let customers pay the way they prefer, in the currency they prefer, using the method they prefer. eShopWorld enables you to do just that.

Our innovative software, extensive logistics infrastructure, and cross-border expertise empower you to sell efficiently into international markets while delivering a seamless, glocalized online shopping experience. We enable you to sell globally but feel local to your cross-border shoppers.

Sell Global. Feel Local.

eShopWorld offers:

Excellent Shopper Experience From start to finish

Excellent Shopper Experience

From start to finish, we provide your cross-border consumer with a seamless, glocalized shopping experience that sets your company and your brand apart. We make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

Modular Solutions Six highly customizable modules

Modular Solutions

Six highly customizable modules—Global Checkout, Payments, Logistics, Customer Service, Retail Administration, and Marketing Insights—let you mix and match the capabilities that you need.

End-to-End Logistics Carrier-independent approach

End-to-End Logistics

With our carrier-independent approach and extensive network of global providers, we can help you optimize shipping and delivery as well as manage any or all of your logistics needs, including cross-border clearance, returns management, and duty drawbacks.

Cross-Border Expertise Specialize in global markets

Cross-Border Expertise

Our experts specialize in global markets, customs and duties, compliance, and more. We have the cross-border expertise and the knowledge base to help you successfully expand your business to new markets.

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