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Cross-Border Experience

eShopWorld – Global Market Expertise
eShopWorld – Logistics Expertise

Global Market Expertise

eShopWorld has country and region-specific e-commerce experts and feet on the ground across the globe to help B2C companies develop and implement the global e-commerce strategy that is right for them.

Logistics Expertise

The depth and breadth of our logistics expertise can help retailers determine how best to optimize shipping across the globe. We can also help expedite the customs process in many countries and provide duty drawbacks and fraud protection.

Glocalization Expertise

At eShopWorld, we are glocalization experts. We enable retailers to sell globally but feel local to international customers. Glocalization done right enhances your brand, makes satisfied customers, and drives repeat business.

Global Market Knowledge

Through our global partnerships with top international shipping companies and other logistics providers, eShopWorld has a presence across the globe. Our depth of e-commerce market knowledge is especially strong in Europe, Asia, and North America. Our market-specific experts and Market Insight reports can help better understand the e-commerce markets of a number of countries and regions.

eShopWorld – Global Market Knowledge
eShopWorld – Logistics and Customs Expertise

Logistics and Customs Expertise

Our company’s roots are in logistics. Deep logistics expertise, a carrier-agnostic approach, and multiple global partnerships enable eShopWorld to offer logistics capabilities that others can’t. We can also help you determine the best shipping and delivery model for your company in your target market—for instance, whether to ship from your warehouse or ours, use in-country fulfillment or not.

We also understand the ins and outs of cross-border clearance. Our customs expertise allows us to simplify and streamline the customs process to expedite your goods in many countries. Often we can offer duty drawbacks as well, so that if any of your goods are returned, you can recoup duties paid on them that would otherwise be lost.

Glocalization Expertise

We know how to give your shoppers global reach but with a local feel. We have built into our solutions the glocalized product pricing, payments, shipping methods, customer service, and more so that global shoppers will feel at home shopping on your website.

Our cross-border experts also understand cultural conventions and nuances and the importance of proper (not word-for-word) translation. They can help you better understand market-specific buying behaviors, important demographics, holidays, omnichannel issues, and other important aspects to help you formulate your marketing and sales strategies.

eShopWorld – Comprehensive Glocalization
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