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Logistics Infrastructure

eShopWorld – Carrier Agnostic
eShopWorld – End-to-End Logistics Services
eShopWorld – Flexible and Customizable

Carrier Agnostic

Rather than partner with one carrier, eShopWorld has partnered with delivery services and logistics providers worldwide who are experts in their respective regions. As a result, we can provide retailers with the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective services for your target region.

End-to-End Logistics Services

We offer services to handle any or all of your logistics needs, from shipping, cross-border clearance, and delivery through returns management. We tailor each logistics component to best meet the needs of your company, your international customers, and your target markets.

Flexible and Customizable

We let retailers pick and choose all or a portion of our logistics services, set policies, and vary services by country. Our logistics management software also integrates easily and seamlessly with most commercial and homegrown shopping platforms.

Shipping and Delivery

Because eShopWorld is carrier agnostic, we have the flexibility to ship from our warehouse or yours, offer in-country fulfillment or regional fulfillment. We can ship using whichever carriers make the most sense for your business. We can also offer your shopper multiple delivery options—standard, express, and others—that are locally optimized and based on market preferences.

Your shoppers can also check the delivery status of their orders by linking from your site to a delivery tracking portal branded with your “look and feel” that aggregates tracking from multiple global carriers and transport modes.

eShopWorld – Logistics
eShopWorld - Cross-Border Clearance

Cross-Border Clearance

Taxes. Customs. Duties. Compliance. No way around it; shipping across the border comes with its own set of challenges. Let eShopWorld manage cross-border clearance issues seamlessly for you, to make it simple for you to ship to international customers.

We provide all the necessary export and import documentation to ensure that you comply with all customs requirements. In many countries, our simplified clearance procedures help your goods pass through country borders quickly and cost effectively. If you desire, we can also allow your shoppers to opt to pay for duties and taxes when the product is delivered.

In many countries, we can also offer duty drawbacks, so that if any of your goods are returned, you can recoup duties paid on them that would otherwise be lost.

Returns Management

Just as if they had bought locally, your customers can return items easily, and your brand reaps goodwill by providing superior customer service. All a customer has to do is link to our returns management portal—branded with your “look and feel”—to request an RMA, select items to return, select a return method, and print a shipping label or schedule collection of the item.

You control the return policy, setting policy parameters by country, product, and purchase date. You can have items returned to our local or regional return centers, where we can inspect the items, record valid or unsolicited RMAs, and ship items back to you or certify destruction.

We also manage refunds, returning funds to the shopper in the currency and exchange rate of the original transaction, as well as any VAT and duty drawbacks. We handle the whole reconciliation process with local customs authorities.

eShopWorld – Returns Management
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