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Modular Solutions

eShopWorld – Modular Approach
eShopWorld – Solution Modules

Modular Approach

eShopWorld offers extremely agile and scalable modular solutions to give retailers all the capabilities needed to simplify and optimize global e-commerce. Our modules can be tailored specifically for your business and are integrated easily within your branded website environment.

Solution Modules

We offer the following modules, all of which we customize to meet your specific B2C needs: Global Checkout, Payments, Logistics (including shipping and delivery, cross-border clearance, and returns management), Customer Services, Retailer Administration, and Marketing Insights.


All our solutions our glocalized—that is, created to provide the capabilities necessary for global e-commerce, but with a local feel. We provide your customer with a shopper experience that is as easy and comfortable as buying locally.

eShopWorld – Modular Approach

Modular Approach

Because every B2C company has different global capabilities and strategies, we offer a modular approach to global e-commerce enablement. Our scalable solution modules span the entire customer and retailer journey. Extremely agile, these modules can be mixed and matched as needed and tailored to meet your specific needs, which can vary country by country.

Easy integration

Our solution modules also integrate easily within your environment. No costly or prolonged IT integrations needed. eShopWorld can have you up and running for global e-commerce faster than you think.

Just install a small Java script on your website for immediate access to a localized version of your site. Alternatively, you or our IT development team can interface with our pre-developed API web services to access all our cross-border functionality and services.

Global Checkout

Reduce cart abandonment and maximize conversion rates with our multilingual Global Checkout module with full landed cost visibility.

With our secure, PCI-compliant checkout, your shoppers can clearly view the entire cost—goods, shipping, handling, duties, and taxes; select their preferred shipping method; and choose whether to make duty payment at the checkout or during the delivery process. eShopWorld remits to the you, the retailer, in your preferred currency, and provides full protection against charge backs and currency fluctuation. We also allow you or eShopWorld to act as the Merchant of Record.

eShopWorld – Global Checkout
eShopWorld – Payments


Enable your global customers to pay with their preferred method of payment. Our Payments module lets customers in Russia pay using one of several popular electronic wallets or via cash on demand, and customers in Germany pay by ELV direct debit. With eShopWorld Payments, you can accept multiple payment methods and currencies.

With both Global Checkout and Payments, if eShopWorld is the Merchant of Record, you are completely protected from fraud risk. Should a buyer use a fraudulent credit card, it’s our problem, not yours. We absorb the risk.


Hand off all of some of your order fulfilment challenges, from shipping and delivery—including carrier management and cross-border clearance (taxes, customs, duties, compliance)—to returns management. Thanks to our deep logistics expertise, many global partners, and carrier-agnostic approach, we can tailor each logistics component to best meet the needs of your company, your international customers, and your target market.

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eShopWorld – Logistics
eShopWorld – Customer Service

Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service. As at home, your cross-border customers will be more likely to buy from you if they know they have someone to turn to with their questions or concerns. At eShopWorld, we offer a multilingual customer care service to supplement your domestic customer service team. Your shoppers can have multi-channel access to our team through email, phone or online chat. We can also provide your team with the tools and information it needs to better support your international customers.

Retail Administration

Understand the data your sales generate. Our Retail Administration module provides you with the data, metrics, and reports you need to fully understand and enhance your international sales efforts. A report center provides configurable reporting for a range of information, such as order completion, delivery performance, and product sales by country.

Catalog Management

For international sales, catalog management can be a nightmare for some retailers. We can help prepare your product catalogs for global markets and keep them current with ever-fluctuating import duties. Working closely with your team, our experts assign HTS codes to products; identify any with export, import, or shipping restrictions; and help you plan accordingly.

eShopWorld – Retail Administration
eShopWorld – Marketing

Marketing Insights

Improve and enhance your international marketing strategies and campaigns with eShopWorld data analysis, aggregated from our clients’ real world experiences, and strategic reports. Our insights into regional markets and cultures can help you tailor your marketing messages and promotions to take into account and take full advantage of cultural differences and nuances.

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