General Motors Online Shopping

General Motors has announced a partnership with IBM to equip their cars with eCommerce technology, effective immediately.

All 2017 and later General Motors vehicles will have the eCommerce tech built into the dashboard screen, allowing drivers to order food, goods, fuel or even reserve hotel rooms on the go.

The marketplace technology will be free to use for customers however GM will retain an undisclosed amount of revenue from merchants featured on the marketplace.

“This platform is financed by the merchants,” Santiago Chamorro, GM’s vice president for global connectedness, said.

GM’s not the first auto manufacturer to bring eCommerce into the driver’s seat – Amazon announced they would connect their Alexa personal assistant system to Ford cars earlier this year. But unlike GM, Ford have yet to release the technology across the entire 2017 (and onwards) fleet.

According to Reuters, GM’s marketplace will launch with a limited number of options: Shell and Exxon Mobil in the fuel category and TGI Fridays in the food category, along with pre-ordering options for Starbucks and Applebee’s.

“We will be adding more vendors,” with some coming in the first quarter of 2018, Chamorro said.  

GM also plans to expand integration of products and services, such as additional access to in-car wi-fi, from its own replacement parts business and dealer network.