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International shoppers require an international checkout

Although your domestic checkout may convert well in your home market, it is simply not optimized for international shoppers. This means that in order to drive conversion, you must provide a checkout that is familiar and caters to the needs of shoppers in individual markets. Doing so is key to providing a localized shopping journey, and an important factor in determining whether a shopper will complete a transaction, or walk away.

Our Global Checkout has been designed to address these requirements, leading to reduced cart abandonment and maximizing conversion rates.

Superior Shopper Experience:


Each step of the checkout journey can be clearly signposted with calls to action displayed in the language of the shopper, ensuring they have a clear route to completing the transaction.

Localized pricing, with more than 90 currencies supported

Shoppers want to know what their order will cost them in their local currency, without having to do the calculations themselves. Our solution allows them to browse products which are priced in a currency driven by IP location, or one chosen by the shopper (more than 90 supported).

In-country or FX driven pricing

Our solution supports in-country pricing, which provides the very best customer experience, consistent across the online and offline channels, and maximizes conversion.

Alternatively, we can use either dynamic or static FX rates to drive local pricing from your domestic webstore, calculate the duties and taxes payable, and display them to the shopper at checkout.

In both cases, a fully landed cost is displayed to the shopper, with a guarantee that no further charges will be payable on delivery. To build loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and drive customer lifetime value, it is essential not to damage the relationship with the shopper by risking additional, unexpected fees at the point of delivery—our solutions ensure this doesn’t happen.

Local payment methods

We provide an array of local payment methods (more than 50) in key markets around the globe. Each of these is selected to increase conversion in that market, as the locally preferred payment method. Read more about our Global eCommerce Payments

Superior Retailer Experience:

We act as Merchant of Record

When a shopper places an order through our Global Checkout, eShopWorld becomes the Merchant of Record. This has a variety of benefits for you, the retailer, in managing international orders, including:

FX rate protection

International currency markets are in constant flux. We manage payments from around the globe, assuming the risk of fluctuations and guaranteeing payment to you, remitted in the currency of your choice.


eShopWorld reduces your Fraud rate to zero. As merchant of record, we assume all fraud risk, giving you full protection against charge backs and other forms of eCommerce fraud. If a shopper makes a fraudulent transaction, it’s our problem – not yours.

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