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Local Payments

It pays to know how global customers like to pay

When shoppers can pay for your goods using their preferred payment method, it leads to higher shopping cart completion. Globally, 30% of shoppers abandon carts due to their preferred payment option not being available. That’s why we’ve made global eCommerce payments a cornerstone of our solution, and why we offer the most comprehensive range of local payment methods available in the market. 

Earn eCommerce conversion by first earning trust 

eCommerce payments are driven by trust and familiarity. Shoppers trust the payment methods they use every day. If they shop on domestic websites using an eWallet or bank transfer, then it is crucial that you offer them the same options when buying internationally from you. If you don’t, they may simply abandon their cart, and you are unlikely to see them return.

Although credit cards are still the globally preferred method for online payment, this is not the case in many markets around the world. For example, cash is still king in many countries, so if shoppers can pay for your products using cash-on-delivery, then it’s going to really enhance your conversion rates.

Our global eCommerce payments platform

We believe in giving international shoppers what they want. This means a localized shopping journey that is tailored to their needs — on a country-by-country basis. Local payments, local currencies and local knowledge — all of this adds up to sales growth for your brand, driven by a superior shopping experience.

For payments, this means allowing shoppers choose from a selection of methods, including



Credit/Debit Cards


Cash on delivery




Bank Transfer


Prepaid/Store Card




Mobile payment


Our global payments platform supports more than 50 locally preferred payment options around the globe. When combined with the 90+ currencies that we offer, shoppers have the powerful motivation they need to hit the ‘Place Order’ button – a win-win for everyone.

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