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Our team of crossborder experts have the knowledge to help you go global

Since 2010, we’ve been working with the world’s biggest retail brands to deliver their goods to shoppers in every corner of the world. Over that time, having handled millions of packages, and hundreds of millions of dollars in card payments, we’ve developed in-depth insight into global eCommerce markets. We know what works where, and why.

79% of online shoppers in Italy have purchased from overseas retailers, while only 29% of US shoppers have done the same.

Purchase from overseas retailers

We aggregate industry research to provide insight that helps you, the retailer, make informed decisions about the countries that you should enter, according to your brand profile. In our Learning Center, we’ve developed a portal that gives you key statistics around the most important global eCommerce markets, with further in-depth analysis provided in whitepapers and infographics available for download when you register your interest.

In China, only 30% of total spend on luxury goods is local, with 70% being made either outside China, or through overseas agents. This points to huge potential for the cross border luxury market.

We’ll help you understand the global markets that you need to be selling into, and where the real opportunities are for your brand to grow. Key information around market size, average spend per shopper and growth forecasts will give you the information to shape your market entry strategy.

Total spend on luxury goods in China

The average annual eCommerce revenue per user in Australia is set to grow from $1067 in 2016 to $1357 in 2020.

The average annual eCommerce revenue per user in Australia

Understanding of cultural and local nuances will drive your success in cross border markets. This means knowing details such as what shoppers like to buy online, how they like to browse, (e.g. importance of reviews) what methods they like to purchase with, how they like to receive an item, and how they like to return items. This is the knowledge that will give you the edge, and appeal to the right kind of shoppers for your brand.

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