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An exceptional end to end delivery experience

Flexible, cost-effective, prompt, and reliable international shipping is a cornerstone of a top quality online shopping experience. Cross border shoppers consider tailored shipping options to be an important factor in their decision to complete an online purchase. Our shipping solutions and infrastructure give you full visibility and control over the end-to-end order journey, and deliver exceptional value to international shoppers. Whether a shopper chooses postal, standard or express, we deliver the best shipping experience in the business.

Carrier Management

Our carrier agnostic approach means we source the best-fit logistics solution for you in each and every country. With more than 25 carrier partners, we work with the very best providers in individual markets. Providers that are experts in their territory and have the local experience and ability to deliver the best service, at the best rates.

We can also aggregate shipping volumes to drive down carrier shipping costs. The value we create can then be passed along to shoppers in the form of reduced or free shipping, which leads to higher conversion, higher customer satisfaction rates, and more repeat purchases.

Using our control center, our carrier management team continually assesses carrier performance against agreed SLAs, handling exceptions and providing performance management reporting. We evaluate new entrants, seamlessly on-board new providers and offer you improved options as they become available.

How it Works

Once a shopper chooses their preferred shipping method and completes their purchase, a number of fulfilment options are open to you. The order can be fulfilled at your DC, after which it is shipped to one of our hubs. Alternatively, you can utilize our global fulfilment network, with in-country and regional facilities across Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the U.S.

When you ship products to our distribution centers, we can pick and pack, merge orders, label for last mile carriers, inspect items, and even collect IDs, for countries such as Russia and Brazil, where they are required.

We also provide you with a single, carrier-agnostic tracking number that allows your customer to find shipping status on a branded tracking portal, as well as email them updates on delivery progress.

Customs Clearance

Moving merchandise across international borders is a complex challenge. We take all of the pain out of cross border clearance by handling all of the necessary documentation - customs, duties, VAT, import and export declarations—and managing all regional, national and international authorities. We ensure that you comply with all customs requirements and in many countries, our simplified clearance procedures help your goods pass through country borders faster and more cost-effectively.

You can deliver goods to shoppers with taxes and duties already paid (DDP), or with taxes and duties paid upon product delivery (DDU). In many countries, we can also offer duty drawbacks, so that if any of your goods are returned, you can recoup duties paid on them that would otherwise be lost.

International Returns

With almost 30 returns centres around the world, our returns solution delivers outstanding value to both you the retailer, and your international shoppers. Read more about our offering here – International Returns

Branded Tracking Portal

Throughout the entire shipping, delivery, and returns processes, shoppers and retailers both have real-time visibility of the status of any given parcel, via a tracking portal. The tracking portal aggregates tracking events from all carriers into a single interface, with internal (retailer) and external (shopper) views.

The tracking portal can be fully branded, and configured to convey your “look and feel.” Key event updates can drive communications to you and to shoppers, via SMS and email – all designed to support a superior shopping experience.

Bonded Shipping Solutions

Moving goods under bond can lead to significant savings and efficiencies in relation to intra-country import/export. We have bonded facilities and solutions in place to allow the smooth transit of goods through different geographies, with direct line injection into destination countries.

Our team simplifies and manages all relevant processes and documentation, allowing you avoid any impact on cashflow due to the payment of import taxes that need to be drawn back upon export.

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