Upper Clash's breakfast roundtable in London on April 25 was attended by eCommerce, international and marketing professionals from brands such as Belstaff, Hawes and Curtis, Dune, Aspinal of London and Jimmy Choo to discuss ideas on their approach to localising content for international shoppers.

James Campbell from Tong Digital gave some fascinating insights into the finer nuances of trading in China for western brands, and looked at the issues facing western brands around brand trust and perception. The message was that localisation is not a simple project and involved balancing expectations.

Later, the roundtable heard from Chris Donnelly at Verb who shared a case study of Alexa Chung’s eCommerce website, which was built on a website with frozen code. The solution was an innovative use of Google Tag Manager and the use of ‘Hreflang’ attribute.

Many thanks to the brands and thought leaders who spoke with us - we look forward to the next event.