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Vision and Mission

Empowering retailers to grow globally

At eShopWorld, our mission is to empower online retailers to succeed globally, by delivering a seamless and glocalized shopping experience that enhances their brand. By “shopping experience,” we mean the complete customer journey, from the first website visit through delivery, including customer service and returns.

Since 2010, our vision has been to connect shoppers all around the world with their favorite brands, allowing them to shop anytime, anywhere, from any device. Through our platform, brands can offer a seamless, localized shopping experience to international consumers, letting them shop just like they do on a domestic website. From pricing to payments, shipping to returns, we leverage our technology to bring brands and shoppers closer together, making the world a smaller place.

We believe that selling beyond your country’s borders should be as easy as selling domestically, and buying your products should be as easy on the other side of the planet as it is in your home town. Each day we get a little closer to fulfilling that vision.

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