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Cross-Border Online Retailers Gain Free Resource for Planning Localized eCommerce Programs

NEW YORK, January 27, 2015 – eShopWorld, a leader in Global eCommerce and Logistics Management, today announced the availability of a free 2015 Global eCommerce Event Calendar created as a resource to ease the planning of region-based online marketing programs. Digital marketers can simply go to and interact with regional calendar views that contain 2015 dates and information about national, religious and cultural events in six major global markets.

The 2015 eShopWorld Global eCommerce Event Calendar spans six regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Nordic, Latin America and the Middle East.

Users can click on the individual countries listed at the bottom of the calendar to view the ecommerce events associated with those countries. Events are linked to background information and users can add individual events to their personal calendars.

“For global brands to be successful, it’s imperative that they localize their eCommerce programs,” said Piwoni. “This calendar resource is an example of our commitment to extend our knowledge and expertise in global eCommerce to retail organizations who are or want to sell cross-border.”

“National holidays as well as religious and cultural events offer significant eCommerce opportunities in every market,” said Maciej Piwoni, head of digital marketing at eShopWorld. “But it’s a challenge to have rich local expertise in every region and keep track of myriad events in multiple markets. We’ve created a simple, interactive resource to help digital marketers jumpstart plans for 2015 region-specific online marketing programs.”

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