Brands and Retailers See an Average of 166% ROI with ESW

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study found significant revenue increases coupled with cost and time savings for ESW clients expanding into multiple global markets.

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Through interviews and financial analysis of four ESW clients, Forrester Consulting concluded that ESW’s expertise and global infrastructure allowed the brands to increase their revenue, activate new countries more quickly, reduce implementation and operating costs, and ultimately offer customers a superior shopping experience.

Top 4 Customer benefits:

Revenue Increase: 70 – 85% annual lift above the retailer’s own market expectations

The retailers were able to access more countries with less financial investment while also enjoying higher conversion rates thanks to a fully localized customer experience.

Operational Cost Savings: Over $3 million USD

Forrester estimated that retailers saved 4% of cross-border revenue that would have gone to operating costs such as hiring additional employees and managing international operational complexities.

Implementation Cost Savings: 4 full-time employees per country, and over $10 million USD

ESW saved retailers significant time and money with its existing global teams, infrastructure, and experience in the necessary markets.

Additional Countries Activated: 65

ESW allowed the four brands to expand into a total of 65 additional countries that they would not have had the time, resources, and knowledge to do on their own, especially in the 3-year timeframe studied.

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